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We are Mayte and Javier

Two travellers who one day decided to live up to their values.

After many years spent in large companies’ offices with tempting prospects for the future, we realised that we were living a life we did not really want.

We felt tired, stressed and unfulfilled.

While trying to improve our state of health, we discovered the world of sustainability. We began to investigate and, full of enthusiasm, we started to make profound changes in our diet and our way of life.

It worked!

And it worked so well that we decided to leave our jobs and live 100% according to this new lifestyle that was making us feel so good.

But then we faced an obstacle: every time we travelled we were forced to choose between our values, on one side, and comfort, on the other. We did not find any sustainable hotels where quality standards were at least as high as in traditional hotels.


It was clear: the time had come to build the accommodation in which we would have loved to spend our holidays.

The challenge was not easy. We began to be aware of the fact that we were pioneers in marrying values that so far did not always go hand in hand:

Sustainability • Quality • Comfort

The road has not been easy, but we finally got there: we have managed to build an accommodation in which people come first. All kinds of people: from the craftspeople who created the beds’ headboards, to the artist who makes our soaps using organic herbs picked from the garden and the gardeners who have designed our edible flower garden.

We have worked hand in hand with all of them to make you feel the way you deserve to feel: unique, respected, happy and comfortable.

We believe the welfare of a human being is linked to others and also to the wellbeing of the earth. For this reason, the only way to truly enjoy life is without harming the others and the planet.


1. The floor on which the house is built at the lowest radon rates we have found so far.

2. We irrigate our vegetable patch and flower garden by reusing rainwater and pool water.

3. And talking about the pool: it has an ozone-based purification system. No added chlorine.

4. Beds, sheets and pillows are made of eco-friendly materials, soft and pleasant to the touch.

5. We have Wi-Fi and the way it is distributed ensures a minimum impact on health and keeps relaxation spaces free of radiation.

6. Thanks to the air renewal system, Passivhaus maintains the environment within the house free of chemicals, pollution and allergens. The exterior paint, that contains mineral components, helps to maintain the ideal temperature inside the house.

7. Most of our furniture is recycled or comes from sustainable forests that bears the FSC certified wood.

8. We prepare breakfasts, lunches and dinners with local and organic ingredients, as long as quality is not compromised.

9. We collaborate only with local farmers..

10. 1% of our billing is allocated to NGOs that help improve the situation in which different groups as well as the planet find themselves.


When we were looking for a name for our project, we came across the Sempervivum (in Spanish, Siempreviva), a plant which is characteristic of this area and can be found all year around in different shapes and colours, without ever losing its essence.

We believe that each living being carries a message and we feel very identified with the Siempreviva one. Together with this plant, we want to be by your side all year and our wish is to find different expressions of the human being, no matter the gender, the sexual orientation, the ideology, the diet or the health condition in our house.

We have created a safe space also for people with Multiple Chemical Sensitivity and for vegans, and everything always meets our quality standards.

We are waiting for you

Now you know our history and values, we invite you to take the next step: