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Making a philosophy of life a reality.

The philosophy of Casa SiempreViva is based on the constant search for sustainability. It is a way of living in which our physical and human environment grows and develops together with our activity. Because, we’re all part of this world.

Maybe you are wondering how all this can become a reality. You are right. In this section, you will discover the 3 points that define the sustainability of our project:

We work with permaculture

Our agriculture, irrigation and composting system follows the principles of sustainability and respect. We recycle as much as possible to take care of the land and the people. This includes working with local farmers, irrigating the edible flowers of the organic garden with recycled water and taking care of the food and the life of our chickens. Moreover, we are creating an ecosystem in the garden with hotels for insects, to encourage secondary fauna to visit us thus reducing pests in the garden.

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